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UnitingCare Queensland claims its place in the mission of God through its health and community services, research, advocacy and community development.

As part of The Uniting Church, the mission of UnitingCare Queensland is to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities as we: Reach out to people in need; Speak out for fairness and justice; Care with compassion, innovation and wisdom.

Blue Care, UnitingCare Community and UnitingCare Health are vital expressions of this mission.


  • UnitingCare Health will be a mission-driven provider of quality health care services in Australia.
  • We will have excellent facilities and technology but our major strengths will be our people and partnerships.
  • We will set the standards for accountability to patients, partners and the community.
  • We will be known for excellent standards and for our community contributions. 

Our Foundational Values

UnitingCare Queensland believes that our values are fundamental to the work we do and expresses the mission of God by being present in people’s lives to offer hope, healing and transformation.

Compassion - Through our understanding and empathy for others we bring holistic care, hope and inspiration

Respect - We accept and honour diversity, uniqueness and the contribution of others

Justice - We commit to focus on the needs of the people we serve and to work for a fair, just and sustainable society

Working Together - We value and appreciate the richness of individual contributions, partnerships and teamwork

Leading through Learning - Our culture encourages innovation and supports learning